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Eat, Pray, Love – in proportion

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Betty and Geoff Ebbs 2018
Christmas with Henrietta at Woodford 2018

A feast with family is one of the heart warming, memorable experiences that builds those family bonds. The freedom of the festa allows us to stretch the straightjacket of the daily rules, kiss our cousins, insult Uncle Alfonse and confess childhood crimes to our parents. As a result we learn more about each other, ourselves and find out that Mum and Dad knew all along that we were sneaking out for midnight feasts with the neighbours.

The feast traditionally served an important function of feeding up the hungry among us at special times. Christmas is a mid-winter fattening that supports those whose cupboards and fat reserves are running a little low. In an affluent nation where obesity is a bigger problem than hunger and Christmas falls in Summer, the notion of a table laden with turkey, ham, prawns and an entire salmon is worse than a little indulgent, it is gross.

We have talked enough about food waste over the last two decades for you to know what I mean. <Helen Andrews at launch> <2012 report on Britain’s overindulgence>

It is too late to change your Christmas menu – the shopping is done, the tasks have been divided up. There is still time to review the quantity, though. Focus on the fun and games rather than the food and grog. Plan the future instead of rehashing the past. Get tipsy not blotto, eat an elegant sufficiency and let kindness be your greatest gift.

Merry Christmas!

Have a wonderful time with your friends and family and see how little you can put in the bin tomorrow.

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