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Geoff Ebbs is the author of the best-selling Australian Internet Book and a long term environmental activist. He has written, edited and published a wide range of business and environmental books and participated in community radio and publishing. The radio show and online news site, has been operating (initially as since 2005. A regular speaker and facilitator at Engineering conferences and workshops Geoff has built on his background in information technology, media and environmental nurture the transition to a post-carbon economy. Geoff continues to drive deep adaptation and regenerative sustainability as the primary agenda for both commercial and community organisations and is currently researching business approaches to those issues at the Griffith Centre for Sustainable Enterprise. The organisation he founded in 2005, Ebono Institute, continues to support community and social enterprise media and his consultancy, Great Notion, provides facilitation and strategic planning services to social enterprise and environmental organisations.

A turkey at the Fields of Mars school


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Weeds and pests are the bane of a gardener’s life. It is fun to grow things but the excitement turns to disappointment when some pesky… Read More »Turkeys

Freshly composted eggplants and basil

Compost magic

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This week we are talking about compost. Interesting, because so is everyone else. We chatted here on EcoRadio about the compost exchange on the Gold… Read More »Compost magic