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The fruit of indigenous learning

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picking a native raspberry at KGSC

Your Life Your Planet and Eco Radio visited the Kelvin Grove State College in Brisbane last week to visit the JagumBarrumbin Native Garden and the Barrumbin Urban Farm. Year 6 students gave us their perspective on the garden and the food they had prepared using ingredients from the garden. Jimmy Southwood is the staff member leading the indigenous program at the College and he discussed the decision to use the Coottha, native honeybee, as the school mascot, the use of indigenous words as house names and the incorporation of indengous knowledge and the urban farm on site into the general curriculum.

Picking a native raspberry at the Kelvin Grove State College native garden
A year six student gently reaches out to pick a ripe native strawberry in the KGSC native garden

Chris Fullon,Founder of Australian Urban Growers, provides a high tech, aquaculture driven urban farm to complement the native garden. Fullon and Southwood, offer a fascinating blend of old and new wisdom.

On Ecoradio this week, YLYP author Geoff Ebbs, and Dave Whitfield will talk about urban farming and the future of food security, we will also give you a tour of their set-up in Kelvin Grove State College College and the work that Jimmy Southwood is doing to ensure Indigenous practices are the foundation for learning. Tune in live at midday, Wednesday June 22 on 4ZZZ 102.1fm for all your ECORADio goodness or listen back after on

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