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Geoff and Erich in the Cage

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Geoff Ebbs and Erich Schulz in the Cage

Author of Your Life Your Planet, Geoff Ebbs, puts doctor and electric car owner, Erich Schulz, in the Cage for 26 minutes to get a handle on the role of electric cars in building a sustainable future.

This quick snippet shows Erich discussing the role of technological innovation in inspiring people to be sustainable. It is much better than telling them to live more gently on the planet by “pushing their bike up hill and eating mung beans”, he says.

Unkindly referred to as “two old needle-noses with grey, pony-tails arguing about mung beans and bike riding,” the encounter forms the basis of Tip 68 – Alternative Fuels and the experts page, Enter the Electroids.

Enter the Electroids. Erich Schulz and Malcolm Mackenzie in Your Life, Your Planet
Erich Schulz and Malcolm Mackenzie contributed to the discussions on energy and transport

The full interview is also available online.

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