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Bag the Amaranth

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The amaranth, bagged

The striking amaranth flower has a bag placed over its head to prevent it spilling its seed upon the ground. Mark 4:26

Amaranth is a plant grown for its seeds or for its leaves. The seeds of some varieties can be popped for use as a popcorn like snack, the leaves can be used as a substitute for spinach.

This species is grown for its leaves which have a lemon like flavour when cooked. That is a sign of the high oxalic acid content (like most spinach-like plants) which can be removed by blanching before putting into the dish.

This year I am collecting the seeds from the amaranth by bagging the flowers before the seeds are shed. I know these flowers are close to mature because small white flecks are beginning to appear on the flower head.

  1. I start by placing a rubber band over the flower head below the point where I want to close the bag to capture the seed.
  2. You can just make out the rubber band in the picture that shows the stem with some leaves clumped together. I then place the bag over the flower and move the rubber band up to close the bag over the flower.
  3. In this case you can see that I have used the handles of the bag to tighten the rubber band and form a closer seal.
the bagged amaranth
The major flowers are all bagged

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