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Applying self-care

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Leigh-Chantelle of
Leigh-Chantelle is a digital wellness coach and vegan veteran

Leigh-Chantelle is an international speaker, consultant and published author who reflects on the world’s common challenges, and combines this with giving tips and tricks on how as a society we can solve them. She encourages others to take charge to enact the changes our world so desperately needs. Find out more at her website.

“Veganism is not just about a diet. It is an ethical way of living. It is important to do the best thing for our animal friends, the environment and other people. Being vegan is the best way for me to lead by example.

“One issue I have with veganism and the animal rights movement is that it hasn’t changed enough. Systematic processes of production and consumption still dominate and we are just going along with. We are still mass-producing. We have not learned the essential lessons that are really important to move forward into the next stage of evolution.”

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