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First AusGeo EcoGraphic is published

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Draft Ecographic for AusGeof

Your Life Your Planet is contributing a new series of EcoGraphics to Australian Geographic magazine, starting with the current issue.

A working draft of the first ecoGraphic for Australian Geographic

The series focuses on reducing the carbon footprint of your household, although the other challenges we face in building a sustainable future also get a mention.

The launch infographic, shown here, identifies the major sources of greenhouse emissions in the average Australian home and directs readers here, to get the detail and the broader context.

As most of you followers of Your Life Your Planet know, our focus is on becoming productive at home and in your community, as the first revolutionary step in unplugging from the addictive convenience of consumerism.

We welcome your stories of sharing food, plants and other items that you have produced and how you have built resilience in your corner of our planet. We look forward to hearing from you through this site, or the socials.

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