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AG Ecographic #2

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AG Ecographic #2

Australian Geographic continues the series summarising the core concepts of Your Life Your Planet.

A close up of a draft of the EcoGraphic from the Australian Geographic
AusGeo April May
The April/May 2022 edition of AG

The second ecographic deals with the relationship between domestic energy use and climate. The stark facts are that about 29% of our emissions come from our domestic energy use and most of it is through heating. Electrifying everything and using green electricity is the answer and its good for your budget as well. One of the surprising things is that most of our heat escapes (and comes in) through our windows and good old fashioned curtains with pelmet boxes (yes you read that correctly) are a significant saving.

Watch this space for a series on making your own pelmet boxes. It is going to take me about six months, but I am going to do it.

Lots more in the graphic (and the book) so get a copy of the AusGeo that’s in the shops and read up all about it.

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