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50 Eating Better Meat

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Framed crocodile cuts

Eat less meat. From the point of view of our body’s health, meat should be a supplement to, not the basis of, our diet.

Eating less gives you the opportunity to seek out organic or specialist butchers with more interesting meat. That has the added benefit of promoting better meat production.

Use meat better. What about the bones? Collect them, throw them in a pot, cov-er with cold water and simmer for two hours. You have produced a fantastic base for all types of soups.

Eat different meat. Check the range of offal and unusual cuts at your local butcher. Check out butchers who specialise in Australian and game meats — kangaroo, rabbit, hare, duck and venison. Try kosher and halal butchers. You can find camel, goat and donkey as well as your Aussie standards.
Vegan hamburgers, synthetically grown in laboratory conditions, are now available.

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