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Discover the joy of Wild Ferments

Fire Cider is a medicinal ferment

Your Life Your Planet contributor, Tallulah Ebbs, is introducing a bunch of keen Sydney siders to the art of Wild Fermenting at a workshop this month. Check out some of her recent ferments.

Wild fermented plum rosé.

Wild fermented Plum Rose
One of my best brews to date

The beauty of Wild Fermentation

Wild Fermenting is a fun way to reduce food waste, improve health and save money. Fermenting reminds us to appreciate the invisible world of microorganisms and to foster a synergistic  coexistence with our tiny friends.

🔥Fire cider🔥

Fire Cider
Fire cider has antibacterial, antioxidant & antiviral properties

Fire cider is an oxymel which is a herbal preparation that uses vinegar and raw honey as a base.

Oxymels can be drunk as a tonic or used as a salad dressing.

Fire cider is used as an immune boosting tonic, that has antibacterial, antioxidant & antiviral properties. This makes it perfect for fighting off colds, coughs and sore throats or it can be used for general well-being in the winter months.

Sparkling cider in progress
Sparkling cider in progress

Wildcrafted sparkling ciders.

Here is a picture of the cider in progress. All ingredients have been foraged except for the pears and the sugar.

Fermented Fartichokes

I have just harvested and lacto-fermented my first ever Jerusalem artichoke crop!

Jerusalem artichoke (AKA sunchokes) are a delicious tuber belonging to the Asteraceaea family. They are also known as fartichokes because they are rich in the carbohydrate inulin, which cannot be broken down in the digestive system. Instead the bacteria in our colon breaks it down which can cause flatulence and tummy pain.

This is why I lacto-ferment my Jerusalem artichokes, not only do they taste amazing but fermenting them before eating them prevents the flatulence.

We’ll be sampling these beauty’s at my upcoming fermentation workshop. Tickets are available in the link below or through the @alfalfahousesyd bio

Head to a Wild Fermentation Workshop

This is a hands on two and a half hour workshop for beginners that sends you home with the ferments you make in class, as well as worksheets to remind you of the newly acquired knowledge and guide you on your fermentation adventure.

It will be held in Camperdown Sydney on the afternoon of Saturday May 22. Tickets and further information are available at

Tallulah Ebbs at Alfalfa House
Tallulah Ebbs is a keen fermentiere and student of naturapathy

Learning objectives:

In this workshop you will

  • Be introduced to the process of fermentation
  • Understand basic food safety and hygiene practices regarding fermenting
  • learn to make 3 different kinds of ferments: sauerkraut, lacto-fermented vegetables in brine, wild soda.
  • Receive a worksheet with resources, fermentation concepts and recipes
  • Take home your ferments

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